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• SATISFACTION GAURANTEED: We firmly believe that Digi Hero Mini WIFI security Camera is the best product on the market.

Fast forward to the date of the appointment and we were over at the old house loading up a truck and here comes the DTV guy…the OLD address.

After failing to reach an agreement with NBC and Cablevision in 1990, the company decided to make its own separate division, Direc TV.

Direc TV is a satellite television provider founded in 1994 that in the beginning, worked together with USSB to receive 175 channels and broadcast them via an 18-inch dish.

• Wi Fi STREAMING VIA ISO/ ANDROID APP: The device can connected to the internet, so you can live-stream your footage from anywhere in the world.

Just download the app and you can see all of the action on your phone, tablet, or computer.

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