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if not what exact parts would i need to buy to get my car running healthly again. Artem, I had to replace the chain guides (plastics) inside the heads and the 1/2 moon gaskets etc etc...the mark on the camshaft have to be dead center on the arrow (stamped in head) or there's some tolerance?Sounds like you will need to replace the serpentine belt tensioner. I used the tool and everything seems to be lined up but somehow they are not perfectly centered either at the beginning or the end and Im not sure if it has to do with the tensioner... and Thank you for this informative page..really appreciated Yes they do but see the lines on the camshaft are a little thicker than the arrows on the head cap...You can buy both tools on ebay for and then sell them for almost the same amount.I highly recommend that you get the tools, especially if this is your first time doing this job.Rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the marks line up.

They have to be correctly aligned and the only way to do that is to use some kind of a bar.I don't know what to do to make sprockets align when facing each other. Hello Artem, first I would like to congratulate you on a first class comprehensive forum. Its kinda strange because everything I have read says it's at that location however the same sources all say its a 10mm bolt. i have a 1998 audi a4 quattro 2.8 v6 and a pulley fell off.So, I guess there is no harm in trying the sensor first. Wish I could post a photo..has both the sensor and this wierd plug in the same frame. i believe it would be the tenisoner pulley since it is at the top, small, and different than the let me add that the bolt is missing that holds it in place and i see wear on a small metal piece that was left hanging on the slot where the pulley is supposed to be. Since there is no tension on the belt your power steering will be gone and your alternator will not work so your battery will not be recharging as you drive.Is it safe to drive it home 20 miles on the express way with out the serp belt or could i still bypass it to get home. Does the battery have enough juice to last 20 miles? If you replace the tensioner then it is also a good idea to replace the serpentine belt as well.Then I cut TB and installed the bar to prevent sprocket spin. Im unclear/not sure if it anchors something in the crankcase. However the spot for this sensor is where this suspicious hex plug about the size of a nickel is located. I do not want to pull the hex as I don't know if serves a purpose inside the crankcase.The guy skipped a step and for that reason when I went to loosen bolt on sprocket it rotated. To the right of it about 6 inches and down a little close to the flywheel is what I assuming is the Crank Sensor. It certainly doesn't serve a purpose on the outside of the block.NOTE: the larger holes should be on the inside and the small holes should be pointing out.You want to make sure that the crankshaft does not move so remove the plastic access plug from the engine and install the crankshaft holder tool.If you look right under the motor mount bracket (driver's side) you will see a black plastic cap/cover that is held in place with a 10mm bolt. The only thing I see in the area you described is the crankshaft position sensor.Remove the bolt & cap and then you will be able to install the crank lock pin. Once I pulled the sensor out, then it looks like it has threads to install the tool.

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