Any age sex

Honesty is an interesting concept as it involves self disclosure and risks putting an individual in a vulnerable position, and yet the ability to disclose honestly in a mindful, trusting and sensitive fashion can facilitate a deeper level of intimacy in the relationship.

Furthermore, research has suggested that self acceptance increases with age and that with age, people have a stronger sense of their true self and less of a discrepancy between ‘real’ and ‘ideal’ selves.

Older adults defined Honesty as being ‘able to confide in one another in a truthful way’.Moving forward We are living in a time of significant demographic change.According to statistics from the UN, the population of older people has trebled since 1950 and is due to treble again within the next forty years or so.Younger adults emphasised the importance of Attraction and Compatibility whereas older adults emphasised Socialising, Trust and Respect.These findings fit well with what we know about the development of romantic relationships.During the group session, older adults highlighted that socialising encapsulated going out as a couple but also individually.During later life, ones social network may reduce in size but within this context older adults often enjoy increased frequency of socialising with friends and neighbours, and this pattern of increased socialising may facilitate romantic relationships as it stimulates intimacy and communication amongst older lovers.Ongoing Research We believe that ongoing research in this area will build on previous findings and provide some new insights into the nature of loving relationships in younger and older adults.A new survey study that builds upon Kate’s collective intelligence work is available below and should only take people half an hour to fill out.For example, midlife is considered a particularly stressful period for couples due to commitments such as work, child care, financial stresses and caring for older relatives.However, older adulthood is not without its challenges, with older adults facing transitions such as retirement, an empty nest and potential declines in health status.

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