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Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of any monies paid. Guests are responsible for supplying their own lock and clearing locker after each use.

The Salvation Army is not liable for lost or stolen property.

If changes occur after the 10th of the month, please see the front desk for pro-rated amount.

Membership downgrades and removal of family members are subject to a change fee. There is a charge for each insufficient funds transaction.

Any external personal or group use/training/coaching should contact the rental department of specific group requests.

Cancellation of a one-on-one session or any personal or group coaching session requires 24 hours notice.

Gift cards cannot be used for class materials, theater & performance tickets, vendor events or non-Kroc sponsored events.

Eligibility for this program is based on income level.

The new Army Regulation 600-8-22 was published June 25 and will take effect July 25.

The Army last updated the regulation with a series of rapid action revisions in June 2013, and a major revision in December 2006.

Annual payments may be paid in full by cash, check, major credit/debit card. The annual fee and required registration fee are due at time of enrollment. In order to cancel a membership, members must submit a written request by the 10th day of the current month for it to become effective in the following month.

If a member cancels or if membership payments lapse for more than 30 days, the appropriate registration fee will be charged to reopen the membership account. Any requested change that affects the billing of your membership must be submitted by the 10th of the month to be processed for the following month.

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