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The Singapura is an alert medium to small-sized ticked tabby cat of foreign type with a striking face with noticeably large eyes and ears.The coat gives an impression of a refined and delicate colouring.It is said that the hairless cat originated in Mexico in the pre-Colombian era.The Sphynx appears to be a naked cat, but in reality it is not truly hairless.Should appear eager and active, shows a lively interest in its surroundings.Sphynx is a popular breed in Europe, and particularly in France and the Netherlands.Thais are well balanced cats with no extremes and a unique head shape Singapura is the Malaysian name for Singapore Island and also designates a true common cat that walks the streets of the capital.

ANCATS Shows are great to watch or even be part of " its fun, social and rewarding all at the same time." You can be a member just to be informed or you can enter your PEDIGREE OR DOMESTIC cat in ANCATS shows.The ideal Tonkinese is not extreme in any aspect of its appearance and should be a beautifully balanced cat of intermediate type.It is elegant with a lithe and firmly muscled torso that is neither cobby nor svelte.It is medium in size; balance and proportion are of greater importance than type. This breed is loving, glittered, medium-sized shorthair companion cat reminiscent of the big cats in pattern, type confidence and movement that came out of the Bengal breeding program.Toyger’s are uniquely beautiful cat willing and able to thrive in human-centered life.They are an intelligent and alert cat; some may handle better with all four feet on a solid surface.The Tonkinese is a modern revival of an ancient cat, derived from Siamese to Burmese breeding, relaxed, friendly and outgoing temperament.Sphynx are sweet-tempered, lively and intelligent and above all amenable to handling.The Thai is intended to be both the living equivalent of the original “Wichien-maat” of ancient Siam and the “marten-faced” Siamese of early 20th century America and Europe the Thai is a medium-large pointed cat of foreign type reflecting its Thai origins.Let your passion and pride lead you to a successful experience with us.The Turkish Van is a naturally occurring semi-longhaired breed from the rugged region of Turkey, centered on Lake Van where the climate varies in extremes.

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