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Obviously he’s been in the industry for a long time. Again, we’ve not really done anything with it, at the moment. I set out to be what I’ve always been and that’s an actress and a singer. Singing makes me really happy and I’m enjoying the process of rehearsals for the live shows and I’ve really enjoyed the process of recording an album. I think the thing in America, everything is embraced. I’m an actress first and foremost and I don’t think that’s the road I would like to go down. Your single Rise has been released and obviously it’s been reported that it didn’t really perform very well in the charts… At the moment I still want to go into TV or radio presenting.But if this takes off and I'm successful in it then that would be fantastic.We do entertainment as well as modelling so we go up on stage and get people going.There are a few websites where you can promote yourself as a model for free and I've had a couple of offers saying 'Do you want to do this work? It went out at a time I was talking about it on television. Obviously some people might suggest that it is misguided for soap stars to think they can make it as a pop star – how would you respond to that kind of suggestion? I always think it’s a shame when people say: “You’re an actress! We’ve got a music video to shoot and we’ve not advertised it. [Laughs] I am totally happy with where I am at, at the moment.

But I like the sort of thing that Davina Mc Call does - evening entertainment and stuff like that. At first you think 'oh no' but now I just take it with a pinch of salt.

And obviously page 3 would be out of the question if I maria i went to college with you(good old burton) any way i was looking into a play im rescerching at the mo and found a picture of you so i got distracted and found this page.

i wish you all the best in everything you do and as a lighting desgner as have worked with many models and look forward to meeting up with you again! Maria your interview was really enspiring and it really made me think that i actually do want to do modelling and its not what i thought it was at all.

There have been a few people - surprisingly Derby County fans - who have been funny. There have been a couple of debates on the internet about me but if it gets people talking then it gets people looking at my website!

They're the fools really - if they don't like me then they should just ignore me! With the UK Pin-Ups, there are only a couple of other groups like it.

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