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Runs are scored when a player completes a circuit of the diamond before there are three outs in the inning.On the championship/Olympic level, softball is a women's sport, but both sports are played by men and women throughout the world.A play begins with a batter waiting to hit a pitch from the pitcher.

Field areas may differ in a few ways including in the outfield fences or the amount of foul territory, which borders the field between the long white lines that connect first base to home plate and third base to home plate.A softball is about twice as big as a baseball and is sometimes yellow.Contrary to the name, a softball isn't softer than a baseball.Each local league should create a system of dividing players, so that the teams will be of equal size and talent.T & C Baseball will organize 3 state tournaments, one each for seniors (12 year olds & under), juniors (10 year olds & under), and minors (8 year olds & under).When a batter begins running, he or she is then referred to as a runner.Runners attempt to reach a base, where they are safe and can remain on the base until the next hitter comes up.There's a pitcher in the middle of the infield who initiates the action by throwing the ball toward home plate. The infielders are the first baseman, second baseman, shortstop (between second and third base) and the third baseman.There are three outfielders: The left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder.For example, if a player whose tenth birthday would fall on April 30, then the player would be considered a ten-year-old.But, if his birthday would be May 1, then the player would be a league age of 9.

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