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This speech ran counter to the history of the people it sought to address.

Some of those same immigrants had firebombed the homes of the children of those same slaves.

He said it did not, and he credited the attitude of his mother and grandparents for this. I told him that I had heard the kind of “straighten up” talk he had been giving to black youth, for instance in his 2013 Morehouse commencement address, all my life.

I told him that I thought it was not sensitive to the inner turmoil that can be obscured by the hardness kids often evince.

The improbability of a black president had once been so strong that its most vivid representations were comedic.

This receiving party represented a healthy cross section of the people Donald Trump had been mocking, and would continue to spend his campaign mocking.

At the time, the president seemed untroubled by Trump.

The presumably white “counties around Chicago” did not want their taxes burned on welfare, but they didn’t want them wasted on a bloated Pentagon budget either.

Inner-city black families, no matter their perils, understood “that government alone can’t teach our kids to learn …

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