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You sometimes find these couriers without uniform, on mobile phones or even smoking on the job.

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3 days later, hasn’t arrived, no discernable information on the website, impossible to get through to sending post office by phone. Reply Hello My name is Talisha Jones and i live in Atlanta Ga and i want to inform you about the experience that i have had with the Fulton Industrial branch here in Atlanta Ga.

When i tracked the package i was told it was a delay. I called the 800 number at the post office to find out what location my package was at to see if i can get my mom to pick my package up due to the fact i was not going to be home to sign the package.

Rep that answered the phone was rude and disrespectful and when I called i told the rep that i was looking for my package rudely she stated “so are you and 200 other people” when i told her the issue i stated that the package was delayed and i wanted to see if my mother could pick the package up.

I rarely have to contact the post office about anything but when i contacted them about delivery.

They delivered my package on 11/30/2017 and i was not there to sign so they left me a slip saying that i can pick it up or have it redelivered so I Scheduled a re delivery for 12/02/2017 and i waited for the package to come and it never came.

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