Bt home hub dynamic dns not updating dating melyssa

Some online services and products need to know what IP address your home broadband connection uses, so that it can connect to your equipment remotely.

Examples include: For these to work, the remote service needs to know the IP address that's been assigned to your Home Hub, so that the service can find you over the Internet.

I have an account set up with No-IP with a 'net' hostname which I have set up on my router (BT Home Hub 3).

I can use this address to access my NAS which I have port forwarded.

In theory it should work, but it doesn't seem to update successfully for me, though I had to guess at the correct settings as the HH is a bit vague on what values you should put in.

If anyone has got to make this work, I'd appreciate knowing how you managed it. I just filled in the bit to be found under Settings/Advanced Settings/Broadband/Dynamic DNS Username: What you use to sign in at Dyn DNS Password: Obviously, the password for the above.

We suspect this is because the time on the Home Hub is synchronised between Hub and Handset, and the Hub may not be on the correct time.To set up Dyn DNS on your BT Home Hub, log in to the Home Hub, go to Advanced, then select 'Dynamic DNS' and enter the account details for your Dyn DNS account.Also note that you may need to use something called Port Forwarding on the Home Hib, to allow the remote service to get through the Home Hub's Firewall.The problem is, that your BT Broadband connection uses a 'dynamic' IP address that changes each time your Home Hub is switched off and on.Some Internet Providers can provide you with a 'static' IP address (that never changes), but this normally costs extra, and it's not offered to BT residential customers.We've been asked if you can share files between two Windows machines connected using a BT Home Hub within the same house.Yes - it's possible - The trick is to get all of the computers to be in the same IP address range, to make sure the Hub and all PCs use the same subnet address, and to get the PCs to use the router's Gateway IP address. The Windows XP Networking tool can be very helpful with setting up file sharing and connectivity between machines.Service: dyndns Use Multiple Hosts: No (for me anyway) Host: Yep, same here.Definitely doesn't seem to like it though - had a power cut earlier in the week, had to restart it yesterday, and both times it failed to update dyndns with the new IP.With Dyn DNS, you sign up for a free account and create a free unique 'hostname', such as myname.You can then set up your Home Hub to automatically send your IP address to the hostname.

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