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While the extensive array of modifications and style choices allows individual users the opportunity to customize their installation of php BB3 to best meet their own needs, the standard installation package is completely operational as is and does not require any further customization prior to use.

Doing so will automatically start the installation script within their web browser which then configures the database (once the information about it is entered), creates the “Site Administrator” account and generates the default php BB3 online discussion forum, shown in Figure 1. A default installation of php BB3 seen from the main index page After the installation is complete, but before any changes to the default set up can be made, the php BB3 “install” folder which was uploaded to the web server must be first either renamed or deleted in order to prevent a re-installation of the software. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 21, 118-129. Like many web 2.0 applications, it requires a PHP-supported database such as My SQL in order to store and organize data online.Access to such databases is now a common component of most website hosting packages which usually designate a certain number of database allotments to each hosted account.English language teachers, in particular, seem to be especially susceptible to the professional isolation that is perpetuated by these circumstances as they are often further separated by their status as full-time, part-time, tenured or contract instructors and the unique demands and time constraints associated with each of these positions.Fortunately, the use of computer-mediated communication (CMC) has demonstrated success in improving collaboration between teachers by reducing many of the isolating aspects inherent to the profession (Bakkenes et al., 1999; Bodzin & Park, 1998; Bull, Harris, Lloyd, & Short, 1989; Casey, 1997; Hughes, Wickersham, Ryan-Jones, & Smith, 2002; Mc Donald, 2008; Selwyn, 2000; Winter & Mc Ghie-Richmond, 2005).Other areas that should be customized before users are invited to access the forum are the basic forum categories and subcategories which can be changed by clicking on Manage forums under the Forums tab of the ACP, as shown in Figure 3. Customizing the forums on the ACP Site Administrators can check the results of their changes at any time by clicking on Board index link at the top-right of the ACP. Doing so at this point reveals the changes made to the default forum settings, as shown in Figure 4. A view of the main index page after several basic settings were changed The particular aspects that a Site Administrator may wish to customize depend largely on the intended purposes of the online discussion forum and the Site Administrator’s own willingness to learn how to make such changes using the often confusing ACP. Probably the first area that should be customized are the Board Settings under the General tab, shown in Figure 2 above, where the Site name and Site description can be changed among other basic details. Site Administrators should note that the Submit button at the bottom of each page must be clicked in order for any changes to be saved. This review seeks to outline the various features of php BB3 and evaluate its potential for fostering improved communication amongst English language teachers within the same department.It should be noted that many of the features may also make it a viable option for use in classroom settings.

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