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Richard M.) 32 Edgewood Road, Scituate 02066 Nan Sparks Hunter '61 (Mrs. The group celebrated its 50th Anni- versary in 1967; its membership now exceeds 200 and includes presidents of agencies and advertisers, as well as top executives in every phase of communications. Johnson's involvement in civic and com- munity affairs are many; special concern being given to the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago and the nationally-known Lighthouse for the Blind. After receiving her Bachelor degree at Simmons, she then went on to obtain an M. Except for the years when their children were pre-schoolers and family pre-empted professional interests, she has been teaching and working with all ages of nursery-to- eighth-grade children ever since. It is a distinct privilege for Lasell Alum- nae Incorporated to award a Medallion to this loyal and devoted friend who has given so un- tiringly of himself to promote and sustain the good name of Lasell. Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15 "It was fortunate for the Alumnae Association that Madeline Farmer Ryder decided to follow the pattern of her mother, the late Mary Walker Farmer, and attend Lasell. and Lasell continue to receive her interest and support. Her musical interest, which she traces to her own family, is shared by the Greene's children whose collective talents include playing the trumpet, piano, and clarinet, and by Dr. Other common interests of the family have led to their attending concerts in Tanglewood together and taking family vacations during August, as they have for the last few years, on Cape Cod, where they fish and sail, often visiting Dr. The latest common interests of the family are bridge and chess, and undoubtedly there will be many more. Sylvester, is to provide confidential help for students with their interpersonal and emotional needs. Miss Bab- cock is currently serving her ninth year as a successful Class Agent for Wheaton College. Babcock, reside at 70 Maple Street — the small stucco house beside Winslow Hall. "It is indeed a privilege and pleasure for Lasell Alumnae Incorporated to award a Medallion to so devoted and dedicated a member of the Lasell Family; to one who has shown great tolerance and understanding in her years of service." □ Innocentia being interviewed by Roy Lind on WNTN Newton Radio in January this year. □ Counseling Service Introduced ounseling Service building on Maple Terrace New to the Lasell community this year is a Counseling Service, located directly across from the Health Center at the end of Maple Terrace, which operates as a wholly independent arm of the Center. As a part of the college health program no fee is charged. Dorothy Harris, assistant to the deans, the building housing the service is a unit physically set apart from the Health Center containing a reception area and waiting room, individual counseling offices, a group therapy room, a staff conference and educational seminar room, and a small area to be set aside as a library- reading room. Foerster on September 27, 1969 in Springfield, Mass. From Lesotho to Lasell The youngest member of the Career Panel at Alumnae Council this year, Innocentia Matete 70, from Lesotho, came to Lasell by a circu- itous route leading from Africa through the Peace Corps language center in San Diego, and back to the East Coast. She hopes too to have some time to continue with some of the many hobbies and interests she developed when their children were not yet school age. Greene and Jocelyn painting, and now she is making plans for the changes involved in adapting the President's House to their particular needs, when the move comes later this year. Since 1942 Miss Babcock has worn many hats at Lasell — instructor, assistant dean, dean of Women and twice has been called upon to serve as Acting President of the College. In their present Grove Street home there is ample evidence of her interest in interior decoration and oil Kenneth, Jr. Among the artistic and musical interests she hopes to find time to continue are: experimenting with simple design in both knitting and sewing, playing the piano, the autoharp, singing in the church choir, and the latest: learning to play the guitar. "Life at Lasell is extremely busy and allows little time for community activities. When they first moved to Auburndale, in fact, she taught nursery school locally and later directed a children's church choir in Auburndale. "Wife of the late Paul Ryder, and mother of Pauline and Paul, Jr., Mrs. As an active worker in the Waltham Girl Scouts, her training in nature still prevails. Now she prefers to work with children from nursery school level through the third grade, while they are still spontaneous, and before they become hardened by the routines of subject studying in later grades. Ryder, a long-time resident of Waltham, has taken an active part in community and church affairs. She lends a hand to conserve the wild life by feeding the 45 to 80 ducks which frequent her back yard. Ryder is a member of the Greater Boston Lasell Club, is Fund Chairman for the Class of 1915; has served Lasell Alumnae, Incorporated in various capacities; for a number of years opened her home for a Spring Tea to benefit the Alumnae Building Fund. Born: To Eileen Allen Gromko, first child, a daughter, Susan Lynn, on January 13, 1970.

She and another teacher share the tutoring load for these students who, by age, actually represent various school levels from second to eighth grades. Gregory Mac Kenzie on June 28, 1969 in Fairfield, Conn. Many of the students whom I taught have be- come my dear friends, and more and more I feel myself an alumna of Lasell.' Virginia Ogden Hayes '33 "Virginia Ogden Hayes was graduated from Lasell Junior College with the Class of 1933. Her leisure time is spent reading, enjoying music and traveling. She and husband, Arthur, proudly an- nounce the arrival of their first child, a son, David Michael, on February 18, 1970. Shungiku Nakamura - Wikipedia - October at pm No limits Would you interested going that meeting whenever happens forum https temple theater mt.Vote Up Vote Down Reply months Twitter Share VKontakte I will keep seeding this torrent for while.In carrying out the individual counseling side of the program, Mr. Before long she and fifteen other new teachers were jet-bound for San Diego, via New York City. Manthei says the facility actually acts as a mental health adjunct to the Lasell Health Center. Describing the Peace Corps experience, Innocentia added that while New York had surprised them with its overwhelming size, teaching with the Peace Corps held some sur- prises of its own. I hope you ll like it Real life comes first so as don have the time to fix all my old posts and their dead links coder know of autoreup magical tool let buddy rely this torrent solution instead Just click HERE get use magnet .Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2012 with funding from Federally funded with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners For November (Fall) 1969 LASELL LEAVES Vol. 1 see previous bound volume of the Leaves LASELL LEAVES BMMWKBa BMWBMMl MBBBBMIi^MIMBHB ' .'•■''": .•^v^ ' 1 x t ^ , *.^#'-J* llfl l^il^^^^^ls,: Fund Issue Winter 1970 Lasell Alumnae, Inc. Sherman, Jr.) 60 Ledgelawn Avenue, Lexington 02173 Kay Woolaver Parsons '46 (Mrs. Application for second-class postage permit pending at Boston, Massachusetts. * photo credits: Robert Case; 2, 3 Robert Chalue: 4, 5, 10 Carolyn A. Greene simultaneously will complete her semester of teaching in Brookline. "He was elected to the Board of Trustees of Lasell Junior College in 1950; named Chairman of the Board in May 1962. Ida Junior College, where he was also an instructor and counselor. Although individual counseling, as the Counseling Service suggests, is an important part of the work of the entire program, its overall scope is far more extensive. As she explained, the first step to her further education here came three years ago when she applied for scholarship aid from her govern- ment to study abroad. Besides diagnostic evaluation and psychiatric referral, which are coupled with individual counseling when appropriate, group therapy sessions and non-credit educational seminars have also already been successful. Michaelson has provided leadership for a seminar during the first semester with topics ranging from preparation for marriage to more general issues such as the role of women in society today. While waiting to hear from the authorities, she learned instead that her government had nominated her for a U. Peace Corps project, teaching the Lesotho language, Sesotho, to young volunteers at the California language center. Movie Insert Song oooo Touch Baseball ooxo Bokutachi no Someday oxxo Che Opening Dreamin Kids Eien Runner For the Brand New Ending Glass Teenage High Hitoribocchi Duet Hoshi Silhouette Jounetsu Monogatari Kanashimi Karelia Kaze Message Yukue Kimi Inakereba Toorisugita Ato wo Tobashita Gogo Kishibe Photograph Minami Kaze Natsu Shoujo Autre Chanson Sayonara Okurimono Sebangou nai Ace Seishun Snow Summer You Suki Naru White Yakusoku oxoo Trigun . Advice about clients now The most commonly known are Torrent Vuze Deluge and Qbittorrent.Registration only takes few minutes to complete Sameda Koban Momozono Gakuen Danshiryou Ni Youkoso English Mi B.

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