Chun and ella dating Free credits sex date

However, a third person came into the picture and she broke it off with him.

Later, Ella filmed Hana Kimi and feelings towards Wu Zun then came up and the two are seemingly now dating.

Ella and Chun ‘flirting’ at ball game (This word flirting actually means teasing each other in a fun way that shows they are more than just friends)S. E’s Ella and male lead Wu Zun in Hana Kimi don’t only have chemistry on the set, but have feelings off set as well.

Last night, the two were found dating openly at the NBA basketball game, but ran into Huang Zhi Wei (The male lead in The Rose)In 2003, when Ella acted in The Rose, she and the male lead were dating.

When Wu Zun finally arrived, Ella’s mood took a complete 180 and she immediately became happy and started joking with him.

Old boyfriend and current love intrest meet, an enemy-feeling is mutual.

Hearing this, Selina and Hebe immediately looked proud and arrogant, causing a funny sight.

E once sang a Cantonese song for their Hong Kong concert to the delight of Hong Kong fans, hence reporters asked if they planned to sing a Malay song for Malaysian fans.

He met up with Ella, and found that Huang Zhi wei was sitting directly in front of him.

However, Like Ella, he ignored the other man and no hellos were said.

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