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The report, which is a snapshot of the NBN wholesale market as of 31 March, also details the number of 250/100Mbps, 250/100Mbps, 500/200Mbps, 1000/400Mbps services.

Most RSPs only offer services at NBN’s 12/1Mbps, 25/5Mbps, 50/20Mbps, and 100/40Mbps tiers (NBN’s ‘Multi-Technology Mix’ means most households will not be able to achieve speeds in excess of 100Mbps).

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She was a Victoria's Secret Angel from 1997 to 2005.

By the early 2000s, Banks was one of the world's top-earning models.

During the quarter, 50Mbps services sold by NBN grew from 158,959 to 989,360 “Nearly 1 million customers are now using a plan with 50Mbps speeds,” ACCC chairperson Rod Sims said.

“This is a remarkable shift in just three months.” “We are pleased to see retailers taking up the higher speed services and enabling their customers to shift to 50Mbps plans,” Sims said.

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