Cmd validating xp

ping command is generally uses to identify problems in network.

You can ping any IP address or any website name to find out if we are able to send packets to the destination.

Many time you will be able to solve the above problem by simply using this command.

If you are a system admin in a big organization you will understand the importance of the security of any data.

With this tool you will be able to detect network issues.

Diskpart is a tool in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and other Windows family to manage disk partition, disk volume and format disc directly at the command line.

Many System administrator uses it for formatting disc and to With the utility 'utilman' or 'control access.cpl' you can control and configure the Windows accessibility.

You can use it either by typing the command on CMD or pressing the key 'Windows U' together.

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Manage RAS connections Manage RAS connections Recover a damaged file from a defective disk.

With "netstat" command you will be able to see network connection in your computer with their port. The most common option you can use with netstat is "-a" i.e. It pings all the IP adresses coming in between the source and the destination.

It traces out and ping the IP addresses of switches and router coming in the path.

deals with the fact that there are many tasks in Windows for which you can't afford to be slow.

Windows CMD commands are still very preferable among computer geeks.

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