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Do you have other credit card debts you are struggling with?If so, will agreeing to a long term balance liquidation plan with Citibank (hardship repayment), help you manage your other credit card debts?The account is not going to go away after charge off.You will have options to make a payment plan or settle the account wherever it lands. Without the resources needed, even if accumulated over time, and a realistic plan to settle collection accounts, the situation can eventually lead to court and being sued for your unpaid Citi credit card.As soon as you know who that is there are some predictable things that will happen next.If you want to settle the Citi debt, you have to identify a source of funds to do so.Some prepping can help you better know why Citibank might pull an earlier offer, and even when to take the most recent approved deal to settle.

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There are some key things I like to see people put in play prior to reaching the stage of pre charge off collection that you are in.

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I've talked to them repeatedly about inability to pay, even offered settlements, but they won't budge.

An offer they made of a 5 year 0% plan has been taken off the table, and I can't afford 00 to bring the account current for 1 month's time. My question is: What does pre-litigation mean, and what can I expect next?

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