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Thankfully, I now have a defibrillator to act on my heart if I ever go into a bad rhythm again.After this life-changing trauma, I found Hanger Clinic and their amazing boot camp for bilateral above-knee amputees.

An ambulance came to my rescue in about three minutes, which was amazing timing.

He was offered alternative treatments for phantom pain, and the blessing of being able to be pain free without the use of opiate pain killers and receiving Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for depression.

Matthew was also provided an opportunity to attend the 2017 Bilateral Above-Knee Amputee Bootcamp in Oklahoma City where he met Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP/D.

This has grown and extended into the realm of female bilateral above-knee amputees by helping them resolve and embrace the road that lies ahead of them.

Nancy earned her orthotics certification at Northwestern University Medical School in 1999 and prosthetic certification in 2000.

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