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all that Space and Circuit of Land, lying from the Sea Coast of the Precinct aforesaid, up into the Land throughout from Sea to Sea, West and Northwest.the French built forts at Frontenac in 1673, Niagara in 1679, and Detroit in 1701 to extend their trading network deeper into the backcounry - but in 1718, geographic knowledge of the Ohio River watershed was very thin Source: University of Georgia, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, La France occidentale dans l'Amerique Septentrional ou le cours de la rivie`re de St.Competition for their trade and support created conflicts that extended far from the cities of Montreal and Quebec along the St.

Occupying their land and preventing traditional hunting practices led to conflict, and a desire of the colonists to push Native Americans out of Virginia.

Peace with New France also allowed the Iroquois to focus on conquering the Susquehanna and Delaware to the south, plus westward expansion to establish Five Nations hegemony over tribes living in the Ohio River valley.

The French built Fort Detroit in 1701, extending their trading network further to the west.

at the start of the French and Indian War, the French claimed the center of the North American continent and sought to contain the English east of the Alleghenies Source: Library of Congress, "Robertson's geographic-historical series illustrating the history of America and the United States: from 1492 to the present time," English, French and Spanish Possessions France and Britain were international rivals seeking wealth and power.

This competition affected Virginia, as well as islands in the Caribbean and India.

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