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  Morton Heilig’s next invention was the Telesphere Mask (patented 1960) and was the first example of a head-mounted display (HMD), albeit for the non-interactive film medium without any motion tracking.

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Ivan Sutherland described the “Ultimate Display” concept that could simulate reality to the point where one could not tell the difference from actual reality.In 1969 Myron Kruegere a virtual reality computer artist developed a series of experiences which he termed “artificial reality” in which he developed computer-generated environments that responded to the people in it.The projects named GLOWFLOW, METAPLAY, and PSYCHIC SPACE were progressions in his research which ultimately let to the development of VIDEOPLACE technology.In 1968 Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull created the first VR / AR head mounted display (Sword of Damocles) that was connected to a computer and not a camera.It was a large and scary looking contraption that was too heavy for any user to comfortably wear and was suspended from the ceiling (hence its name).Over time mankind has been slowly but surely creating ever richer ways to stimulate our senses.Things really began to take off in the 20th century, with advent of electronics and computer technology.A small motor-driven device mimicked turbulence and disturbances.Such was the need for safer ways to train pilots that the US military bought six of these devices for 00. During World War II over 10,000 “blue box” Link Trainers were used by over 500,000 pilots for initial training and improving their skills.The later development of the popular View-Master stereoscope (patented 1939), was used for “virtual tourism”.The design principles of the Stereoscope is used today for the popular Google Cardboard and low budget VR head mounted displays for mobile phones.

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