Dating gay handicaped persons

This morning he told us ‘I’ve had a little cry today too.

I suppose dating has been hard because I’m afraid to show people my vulnerable side.

Disabled people are not lesser versions of able-bodied people, unable to engage in or enjoy sexual behavior.

In fact, disabled people are members of a community with its own unique culture, filled with societal norms and behavioral expectations that are different, but no less rich or meaningful, than that of able-bodied individuals.

If the hearing-impaired person finds someone not fluent in sign language who is willing to learn, it will probably take a great deal of time to establish a rapport and move things to a more intimate level.

People with mobility issues can find it harder still to make contact.

I’ve even had a few date offers since I woke up, and a few ‘pics’ too’. His honest and often hilarious attitude towards his disability is a breath of fresh air, on a platform that is so often filled with picture-perfect, filtered lives.

Smyth’s date with David (master’s student in UCC) got off to a bit of an awkward start, but as time went by the two relaxed into it. ‘On social media I’m pretty honest about what it’s like living with a disability. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t attraction.’ And will they be seeing each other again?

Did you ever think of what it would be like for a disabled person to have sex?

Whatever the method, the visually impaired person's chances of meeting Mr. Right are greatly reduced from those of the able-bodied.

Likewise, a hearing-impaired person can't readily engage in flirtatious banter, unless he or she is lucky enough to have found a bar teeming with people who know sign language.

I even call my followers on social media my ‘disablers’ (like my ‘beliebers’) so last Christmas as a joke they got a jumper made for me that said ‘I’m gay, disabled and still have sex’.

You probably see someone with a physical disability almost every day: the blind man tapping his way across the street, the deaf woman signing to her boyfriend, the wheelchair-bound woman shopping at the grocery store, people on crutches, using walkers or leaning on canes.

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