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Two women agreed to speak on the record, risking the stigma that besets survivors of sexual violence.

She talked to recent émigrés and found an Eritrean smuggler whose clients gave him a glowing review.A few male captives had seen videos of Islamic State beheadings. He wasn’t caught that night and made it to Europe two months later.Realizing the gunmen belonged to the group, the men jumped off and ran into the flat desert. “We didn’t want to die with our hands and legs bound.It is territory that the group is fighting hard to defend. The airstrikes have revived a stalled military assault that Libyan brigades launched earlier this summer. Brigadier Mohamed Gnaidy, an intelligence officer with local forces mustered by the nearby town of Misrata, says Islamic State has recruited migrants to join its ranks, offering them money and Libyan brides.Sirte is strategically important for Islamic State. It has also extracted human chattel from the stream of refugees passing through its territory, according to the accounts of Fisehaye and the other survivors who were interviewed.She could hardly get by on her meager wages of a month.But she also felt she could not quit and risk angering the state, which is often accused of human-rights violations.The men climbed onto the front trailer and the women, 22 in all, onto the back.They drove east, threading the same road they had driven hours earlier.This story is based on interviews with Fisehaye, eight other women enslaved by Islamic State, and five men kidnapped by the group.Reuters spoke to the refugees in three European countries over four months.

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