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It was a popular gift among nobles and is a symbol of an emperor’s power.

It was necessary to have a model of an axe handle to create another one as it is was necessary to have a go between to arrange a marriage.

There is a legend that one of the Chou Emperors dreamt that a bear entered his home and sat by the side of his bed in a chair and told of unforeseen events and advised of affairs of state.

The bear is a symbol of stength, courage and bravery.

Sung Tzu-ching, President of the Board Works and a celebrated author once wrote "The scholar has reaped the reward that is due, And homeward returns on his wearying steed; When the blossoming apricots come into view, He urges his charger to bear him with speed."In ancient China, archery was a very important requirement for hunting, warfare, and sport.

Archer's rings have been found in China in tombs dating from 4000 years ago.

The axe is also one of the Twelve Ornaments whichwere embroidered on the robes of Heads of Stateand were symbols of authority and power. Growing abundantly throughout parts of China, bamboo has been revered throughout the ages for its resilience and intregrity.

It endures harsh cold and wind, yet it always returns to its natural vertical position.

To the Chinese the bat is symbolic of longevity and happiness.

Its appearance may seem flimsy, but bamboo is strong and durable.

Thus bamboo has become a symbol for longevity and is an example and symbol to us all that the way to a long happy like is to go with the flow endure the hardships and look forward to calm and easy days.

Thus, the axe is symbolic of the “marriage go-between.”The axe is also associated as the foremost weapon of the Buddhist deities.

It also pertains to Lu Ban, a famous Chinese mechanic, who lived in the State of Lu about 500BC and is now worshipped as the God of Carpenters.

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