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The qualifications of a professional to offer expert testimony about a person's mental condition are established in standard 7-3.11.Presentation of expert testimony is governed by standard 7-3.14.(c) Consultative role.Mental health and mental retardation professionals who participate in the criminal process should enroll in these programs.(b) Detention is for the exclusive purpose of providing transportation to an appropriate facility where the detainee can be examined, and, if necessary, be provided appropriate evaluation, treatment, or habilitation.

Any limitation on the professional relationship owing to the individual's involvement in the criminal process or placement in an institutional setting should be precisely defined and explained to the individual at the time the professional relationship is established.(a) National, state, and local judicial, legal, and mental health and mental retardation agencies and professional organizations have an obligation to work cooperatively to monitor the interdependent performance within the criminal process of their members and constituents and to improve the overall quality of the administration of justice in criminal cases involving mental health and mental retardation issues.(b) Appropriate professional organizations and governmental agencies should establish programs, including peer review, for monitoring the performance of mental health and mental retardation professionals participating in the criminal process.

This dependence is an explicit recognition of the fact that the police role in dealing with mentally ill and mentally retarded persons is a limited one.(a) In every jurisdiction police officials and administrators of mental health, mental retardation, and medical facilities should cooperate in developing joint guidelines and policies regarding the admission of persons in police custody for appropriate evaluation, treatment, or habilitation.

The joint guidelines should be widely disseminated to police, mental health, mental retardation, and medical facility personnel.

An involuntary transfer hearing should be initiated not later than [forty-eight] hours after an emergency transfer is effected.(ii) mental health or mental retardation professionals are summoned to provide treatment or habilitation or to determine the need for an emergency transfer to a mental health, mental retardation or medical facility; or,(a) All agencies should provide specialized training to their personnel to assist them in identifying and responding to incidents involving mentally ill or mentally retarded persons.

Mental health and mental retardation professionals should be routinely consulted regarding curriculum preparation and training material selection.

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