Dating someone with npd 8 simple rules for dating my daughter cast

The lack of reciprocation made things worse, and she started to feel inferior to him.Even though she realized her boyfriend had an illness, she didn’t know how to handle it properly, and ultimately felt at a loss as to what to do.People with NPD aren’t trying to manipulate or hurt you because they necessarily want to; they are driven by the pain created by their mental illness.By becoming aware of this pain you can better understand the symptoms of their illness, accept them for who they are, and make them feel loved and supported, ultimately guiding them toward proper comprehensive residential treatment.But over time, she began to realize that this was much more—her boyfriend had Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), and eventually, it began to take its toll on her.His neglect for her feelings made her feel like he didn’t care for her, and his constant need for admiration made her feel used.

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At first, she simply thought he had narcissistic tendencies, something that she’d experienced with other boyfriends.

At first, she couldn’t help but see it as an act of kindness, a way to show her boyfriend she supported him, but in reality she was allowing him to take advantage of her and preventing him from experiencing any sort of learning process.

And these sorts of learning processes are necessary to help someone with NPD become aware of their own lack of empathy and the negative effect that it has on their loved ones.

Through this treatment, they will learn to become more aware of how their disorder is affecting both themselves and your relationship, and you can work together to strengthen your bond and promote their recovery.

Bridges to Recovery offers comprehensive residential treatment for people struggling with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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