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for this particular cartouche mark; however, those were the years we were at war with Germany.All trade with Germany totally ceased during that time.The gold rectangle part of the second mark is covering the name of the factory that produced the blank. Lefton was a distributor of imported giftware from Japan beginning in 1940 and is apparently still in business today, although George Lefton himself is now deceased (since the mid or late 1990's).Blanks commonly used by Klemm were from Meissen, Rosenthal, KPM, Silesia, and Limoges I haven't been able to find this mark in any of the books, but are told that it is for Bernardo, which I also have not been able to find. Lefton Cup I'm reasonably certain this is the work of an outside decorator.

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The elderly lady said it had been in her family for many, many years.

It dates back to somewhere between the years of 18, based on the date of the mark.

The gold blot is covering up the mark of the factory that produced the undecorated pieces.

For some reason, most of the Dresden studios chose to hide the factory marks.

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