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It will save both parties a lot of pain down the road. Warren suggests that dating couples should avoid choosing a mate to please someone else.

He writes, "Why would anyone select a marriage partner in order to please someone else?

Here are a few that you probably can't change (and that you probably don't want to live with your entire life): Your boyfriend/girlfriend:a)is critical of your familyb)is critical of your friendsc)yells at youd)blames you for all of relationship problemse)avoids showing emotionsf)won't solve problems with youg)doesn't like your familyh)doesn't like you spending time with your friendsj)wants you to do things that you aren't comfortable with If you have observed one or two of these warning signs, think long and hard about continuing this relationship. Warren suggests that many dating couples, "simply have not walked together through a variety of circumstances and situations necessary to really know someone." He recommends that dating couples should have multiple experiences doing a variety of activities together, both enjoyable and unenjoyable. 5) Learn as much about abuse as you can so you can be better prepared on how to deal with it. Abuse hurts the self-worth of both the victim and the abuser. This can be especially frustrating if that someone is your boyfriend or girlfriend; you cannot read how he/she feels about you.

You love your boyfriend or girlfriend and you want to get married. Sometimes you feel as close as two people can be and, at other times, there is an incredible distance between you.

Unfortunately, far too many people dismiss the personality or behavioral problems of their partners.

They often feel that the love they feel in the relationship will overcome such behaviors. Warren says, "if there are qualities about your partner's personality or behavior that you question -- like jealousy, temper, irresponsibility, dishonesty, or stubbornness -- ask yourself if you're willing to spend the rest of your life dealing with these problems." Dismissing such behavior can cause long term pain if you choose to move the dating relationship into a serious relationship or marriage.

If you're afraid to bring it up while dating, that is not a good indication of future success.

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Dating violence is dangerous; don't treat it lightly and don't put up with it. It prevents teens from developing healthy relationships. Statistics reveal that abuse in dating is more likely to continue or intensify in marriage.

The whole purpose of dating is find someone who 'fits' you -- your personality, your lifestyle, your values and beliefs. Here are some things you can do if you are being abused, if you have been abused, or if you know someone who is being abused. 3) Don't be afraid to call the police if abuse has occurred.

" If the answer is yes, this relationship is not for you.

If you are starting a relationship, be yourself -- without apology -- from the start.

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