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It was built during World War II by the Ustaše government to serve both as a bomb shelter and a promenade, but following the war it quickly fell into disrepair and disuse.

There is no evidence that this corridor was ever constructed.The project was assigned to engineers Abramović, Senjaković and Vajda.The plan was to construct the tunnel in 90 working days, but the cost rose to 490 million kuna (partly due to high wartime inflation) and the date of opening was delayed into 1944. In February 1944, the Construction Committee of Zagreb, which was responsible for urban planning, issued a statement saying that the "creation of a shelter as a transport link is completely inappropriate," and that "too much attention has been devoted to it." Another argument was that in its function as a shelter, the tunnel only had a capacity of 5,000 people.At the time of the statement, the costs amounted to 60,000 kuna per person, which was deemed too expensive by the committee.Nevertheless, the construction continued, albeit parts of the project were scrapped.At the time, the tunnel was under ownership of the Museum of Contemporary Art.The event was attended by over 3,000 people, far more than the organisers planned for and the tunnel infrastructure allowed for.The execution of the renovation was criticised for not following safety precautions; the tunnel was said to be damp and to lack smoke detectors, fire doors, sprinklers, or a mechanical ventilation system, and the fire escape route was problematic because two exits were narrowed to allow space for toilets.) is a planned museum in the Grič Tunnel.The project will use display screens, video projectors and holograms to exhibit the history of Zagreb, while the central hall would be used for temporary exhibitions, concerts and other events.In May, the mayor of Zagreb, Ivan Werner, rejected the plans for a large central underground hall; instead, only the east-west corridor was built.The tunnel was built mostly using locally-sourced materials, including gravel from Zagreb area and wood from Bosnia.

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