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Romantic drama, starring Kelli Williams and Kristen Holden-Ried Police investigate the fanatical leader of a religious cult at the centre of a murder case.

When a young woman is found dead, a man confesses to her murder, but admits a controlling cult leader forced him to commit the crime.

Around this time, he also meets a woman with whom he goes on a wild and gruesome adventure.

Along the way, there’s a body count and lots of plot twists with the KL-300 playing a major role.

As she sets about rekindling old friendships, Joanna finds herself falling in love with an old flame.

However, the man is married, and the pair's affair threatens to rock the community.

Maude Gormley gives her goat to the family in return for a rocking chair Divorce, Walnut Grove Style Season 7 Episode 7/22After having a domestic squabble, Laura suspects that Almanzo is having an affair with a former girlfriend and decides to leave him and move back to her parents' home Civil Unrest Season 4 Episode 5/22Sydney decides whether to continue her romance with Joe Connelly, little Pete sets his bedroom on fire, and as election day draws near, Syd begins to question Joe's integrity A Mother and a Daughter Season 3 Episode 18/25Jonathan is given the chance to return to Heaven if he completes one last assignment - persuading a film star's bitter daughter not to publish a scathing article about her mother After emerging from a bitter divorce battle, single mother Joanna returns to the sleepy home town she could not wait to flee as a teenager.

This is John’s third script that he’s made into a film at John Schneider Studios – his independent film studio in Louisiana. about life lived fully in one day.” This film is not yet rated. Actors and Actresses are invited to bring head shots and resumes.

About the film: A man fed up with his life finds surprising inspiration in a machine (the KL-300). John and his team are always looking for new talent.

Drama, starring Megan Park and Brant Daugherty The Festival Season 6 Episode 18/26Jason works with a black boy on an act for the spring festival, but is shocked by the racial prejudice he encounters.

Elizabeth has a crush on a new boy in her class The Race Season 3 Episode 3/23Laura and her horse Bunny are favoured to win the upcoming race in Walnut Grove - however, Mrs Oleson believes the victory should go to Nellie.

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