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Yet this stray symptom of stubborn self-regard holds sway over the entire organism, causing it to constantly circle a very limited repertoire of behaviors.

Observing the fact that there do not seem to be other creatures who sit, with fins and flagellates limp, transfixed in thought about something like dialectic and telos, humans even make the mistake of thinking that this restrictive habit of mind is a gift that sets them above the rest.

The root of the problem—the desire to be right—is treated as the progressive answer to the problem.

The new right answer kills the old right answer, and the very habits of mind that help to incite violence are deployed in an impossible attempt to alleviate it.

The world is run on irrationality and comedy that often will not compute within our philosophies.

Many things change not because of logical proof or a reasonable plan but because of irrational desires, and the most rationalized game theory can be outwitted with a simple series of lies.

Almost everything else in the soft assemblies of most organisms works by endless iteration, multiplication, or trial and error.But maybe they are really more like Gabriel Tarde’s social “contagions,” the life blood of economies of exchange.They are persuasions rather than arguments that start nowhere and move across populations.From the ancients to the moderns, those who have so suggestively attempted to break the spell of the loop and the binary with other powers of are often drawn back into its vortex.With faith in corporeal agency, polytheism and democracy, the ancients, still often regarded as a pinnacle of culture, offered only a suggestive start in uncovering the organism’s power.nervous system that long for the right answer, the unified field, the elementary particle, or the universal truth.These beliefs are present not only in formalized philosophies, religions and political regimes of the human, but at the heart of the human’s daily activities.Deleuze and Guattari provide another vivid example of philosophers so learned that they are capable of pointing to things outside their philosophy—to animals, everyday practices, or colloquial expressions.“Many people have a tree growing in their heads, but the brain itself is much more a grass than a tree,” they write.Beyond the daily preoccupations of individuals, the loop and the binary are scalable.Whole populations of people and huge territories captivated by some universal belief or totalizing regime of control can move in lock step to demonstrate that they are right. Demonstrating all reasonable outcomes of aggression or consumption, statistics, data, or game theory support rationalizing wars and markets.

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