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So remove yourself from the situation, count to 10, breathe deeply, cool off and get a grip. Keeping your anger all bottled up creates stress and an internal pressure cooker that at some point will erupt, releasing itself in a negative way. One of Rabbi Akiva’s maxims is "All that the Merciful One does, He does for good" (Talmud - Brachot 60b).

That’s why the Talmud tells us not to discipline our kids when angry; we’re not being objective and at that moment any action is not for the sake of the child (Talmud - Moed Katan 17a). It means seeing the person who hurt you as a hurt person. It's untying the knots that keep you emotionally entwined and prevent you from healing.

We think that writing a note for your own eyes only is a good idea.

Letting out your anger is a smart way to sit in the time-out zone for a little while to calm your self down.

If people don't know how to control their anger or their emotions they should take some classes or just follow the five ways to respond to anger listed in this article.

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(Smiling when you’re angry gives a confusing message.) Think about what you want to accomplish.

Please consider my viewpoint in the future and be willing to discuss it with me.”} Also, you may wish to figure out if there are things that make you angry that trigger feelings from the past.

If that doesn’t work, there are anger management classes, assertive training classes and therapists that can help.

If you don't let out that bottled out anger, it will erupt on a wasted cause. I often bottle up my anger and hide it with a smile.

i know its wrong, and hashem gave me this obstacle for a reason, but a lot of times, they wouldn't understand.

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