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,” referring to the famous, and famously anonymous, graffiti street artist. Then, coming to work early the next Saturday morning, he found the work had appeared overnight.

When she walked around to see the second panel, Chyann laughed. ‘This big concrete ATM’ — that’s exactly what it [the city] is.” (In its current form, the visual and written content appears to be the work of more than one voice, with others having added to the original art.) Three weeks ago, Pankaj Patel, the owner of the newsstand, was approached by a man who said a famous street artist, who has done work in several places including New York and Mexico, wanted to paint his stand. “People have been very positive,” he said of the reactions from curious customers and passersby.

Meat Market — across the street from the grocery store, at 758 10th Ave.

Ramirez said he was happy about the population influx and more customers. “Now, there’s more competition plenty — they’re open 24 hours a day, they stay open.

But I’m not 24 hours,” he said, noting the grocery store is open 8 a.m. Ramirez’s sister, Penny Troyano, helps out running the store, and his brother also helps out occasionally.

“We change — sometimes I go there, sometimes she comes here,” he said, saying he needed to wrap up the interview to get to the bodega.

“I’m a quiet guy,” he told this publication last week at one of his two businesses on a stretch of 10th Ave. “43rd and Ninth — been all my life at that corner,” he said.

“I still live there.” After high school, Ramirez started his first business, a grocery store at 751 10th Ave., in 1965. At the time, his grocery store was one of the few on 10th Ave.

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