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They also have a fantastic jigging action in the water, especially when you tie them with a loop knot.

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It’s important to note, before I provide you with my list of streamer patterns, that I should probably inform everyone that I tend to lean more towards fishing streamer patterns that are weighted heavy at the head. First, because a weighted head provides a nice up and down action in between strips, which trout seem to love.Be warned though, this fly is heavy and harder to cast than most streamers.It will give you a work out stripping it in and pounding the banks.I also love articulated streamers for their great action, but you can often save time and tie streamers none-articulated that will catch just as many fish, and provide close to the same action.Just make sure you tie your streamers with materials that breath well in the water .I’ll concur that somedays the specific action they provide in the water can prove to be more effective than weighted streamers, but day in and day out, I’ve personally found weighted streamers to work much better for me.Below is a list of examples and variations of streamers I like to fish.If you don’t find this to be the case, and you’re not catching fish with streamers, it probably isn’t the best tactic that given day.My testimony and theories provided in my previous post were gathered from many years of streamer fishing for trout, but were validated and backed up further from guide trips as recent as this past week.If you do tie, you should be able to tie reasonably close replicas of your own, by reviewing the pictures provided.Click links for more information or to purchase the patterns. Sculpzilla The sculpzilla, at 3″ is not a huge streamer, but it’s caught me a ton of big trout over the past four years.

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