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Population growth was most pronounced in the 60 years and older age group, which grew by almost 30% over the nine-year period, whereas for 0–14 year olds, population increase was 1.6%.Figure 1 illustrates Suriname’s population structure, by age and sex, in 19. Population structure, by age and sex, Suriname, 19 The population increased 33.0% between 19.Around 70% of the population has access to piped water in or within 200 meters of the house.In some rural districts and in the interior, people rely mainly on rain, creek, or river water . Most of the population (80%) lives in the narrow coastal plain to the country’s north.Suriname’s interior, mainly consisting of tropical rainforest, occupies some 80% of the country’s territory, and a savanna belt extends along the border with Brazil to the south.

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Economic growth during this period benefited government spending and subsidies to the social sectors, including the health sector.In 1990, the population structure had an expansive structure.By 2015, the pyramidal structure had shifted to ages older than 55 years; at younger age groups, the population structure shows lower expansion, becoming regressive in the age groups younger than 15 years.Suriname’s Fourth National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity (2012) states that the expansion of illegal, small-scale gold mining and the associated use of mercury have detrimental effects on the forest and its ecosystems.To address illegal mining activity, the government established the Commission for Regulation of the Gold Sector.People of Chinese and Caucasian descent together account for 2% of the population.Population growth was the largest in the Maroon group, from 15% in 2004 to 22% in 2012.The potential health hazards related to gold mining and mercury use require interventions, monitoring, evaluation, and research are on the rise.The threat of the resurgence of malaria due to the constant influx of migrant workers in the gold and logging sector in the interior needs to be addressed.One of the Plan’s aims is to protect the population, especially the very poor and other vulnerable groups, from further economic impact from the adjustment.The IMF program will finance social cash transfer programs to provide financial assistance to lower-income households, the disabled, and the elderly.

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