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Go to the video When you’re hornylike REALLY hornynothing else in the world matters It’s pretty much impossible to focus on anything like the fact that your boyfriend is busy finishing up important homework Because priority number one is your urgent need to ejaculate Today Dalton finds himself in just such a jam but Anthony is too immersed in his laptop to help out So the hunky blond Russian devises a simple but clever plan to grab his sexy boyfriend’s attention He waves his huge uncut cock in Anthony’s face And really who could possibly ignore that thing Anthony’s homework quickly moves to the back burner as he struggles to squeeze in Dalton’s generously thick meaty pole Starring: Dalton Briggs Anthony Verusso Click Here To Watch More Now!


Oh, and how many amateur blowjob scenes leaked to the Internet from unsafe cloud storage or from hacked smartphone!

) personal assault – the like of which way too many of us have probably fantasised about when faced with fellows in uniform Hand-cuffed and gagged with his legs parted and his ass-hole fully exposed Franke finds himself no match to his assailant’s onslaught which includes having a truncheon thrust into his rear; before both Laarson and Fisher take it in turn to bang the living daylights out of that cute highly-charged fuck-hole It’s a display that will almost certainly bring even the most world-weary porn-lover to the edge of a tight-fisted climax; but matters get even more intense when the three fellow engage in a daisy-chain fuck before Laarson and Fisher reach the point of no return and conclude their afternoon’s work by spewing (big time!

) all over Franke’s face That only leaves Franke with the pleasure of rupturing his own balls courtesy of a last-minute jerk-off – a fitting multi-spurt eruption to accompany your own satisfying wad! Go to the video Skaterz Palmer and Peter are hanging out in the kitchen Peter notices Palmer’s packing a thick piece of meat in his trousers Luckily he has his camera ready from their skating session earlier so he gets it out to film Palmer’s cock Looks like Peter’s also got a big thick cock so Palmer gets on his knees and sucks it while Peter films Peter manages to hold the camera as he fucks Palmer bareback – cumming all over his ass in a shower of sticky goo!

Go to the video One of the most requested porn star pair-ups just happened – Johnny Rapid finally gets fucked deep and hard by Jarec Wentworth’s throbbing cock!

The scene has a dom/sub feel as Jerec uses Johnny Rapid’s hot holes to get off No complaints from Johnny who takes every thrust and asks for more! Go to the video Jake Bass is a really sneaky creative guy so it should come as no surprise that he loves filming his sexual escapades as much as he loves participating in them Joey La Fontaine is one of Jake’s good friends from Montreal and is always up for his adventures so Jake decided to ask him over to his hotel room for a romp with the cameras rolling The event was quick spontaneous and full of passion and that’s just how Jake likes to live his life It’s difficult to keep up with the amount of energy Jake has but Joey’s smile and smooth talking balanced out the mood in the room perfectly And Jake got it all on camera — from their first interaction to their kissing to their fucking there was no angle left unseen This was a true example of voyeurism flipped on its head and turned into exhibitionism Click Here To Watch More Now!

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