Gmail widget not updating

There’s no reason to fight i Tunes when there’s an easy way how to sync Outlook calendar with i Phone. You don’t need to run i Tunes to sync every time you update Outlook.

You’d think Windows Phone would seamlessly work with Outlook PC and transfer data both ways.Check that Calendar is synced Open the Google Calendar app.Select the same widget size and type that you had previously.unless you use Akruto Sync, which acts like an Exchange Server without the high price of a server.“Not being able to sync my Outlook calendar (that runs my life!) from my PC to my Windows Phone has been a huge irritation,” said Christine L.Windows 10 will do this regardless if you have Outlook on your computer.Yes, Akruto Sync works with Windows 10 and well as with Windows Surface.“Using Akruto is like heaven after being burdened by a Windows phone that doesn’t sync with a Windows desktop unless you set up a convoluted cloud solution,” explained Kim M. Windows Phone won’t sync with Outlook on older versions of Windows either.I couldn’t be happier.”Check out more than 1,000 Akruto Sync reviews to see what people think of Akruto. The phone was factory -reset, then I put in the new SIM.If you’re on a corporate network, you can get around that with Exchange Activesync.If not, you’re stuck without a way to sync Windows Phone with Outlook …

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