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He was always a good kid, trying to keep up with his older brother, Tad.

As a young man, Joey fell in love with Emily Ann Sago, the daughter of Bennie Sago and Donna Tyler. When Emily Ann found out that her real parents were Billy Clyde Tuggle and Estelle La Tour, a pimp and a hooker, she became mentally unstable.

When Liza decided that she wanted to have a child via artificial insemination, Jake offered his services.

Liza agreed to Jake's offer, but Jake verbally agreed that he would not take any role in the child's life.

Former chief resident in charge of the emergency services at Pine Valley Hospital Former production assistant at WRCW - TV Former "Handy Man" 400 Lake Drive, Pine Valley, PA 09109 Formerly 3420 Canyon Drive Formerly a cabin on Old Orchard Road on the outskirts of Pine Valley Formerly Kenya Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road #15E, a loft apartment.

Joe Martin (father) Ruth Parker (mother) Henry Martin (paternal grandfather) Kate Martin (paternal grandmother) Bobby Martin (paternal half-brother; mysteriously disappeared while waxing his skis in the attic and was never mentioned) Jeff Martin (paternal half-brother) Tara Martin (paternal half-sister) Philip Brent (maternal half-brother; via adoption / maternal cousin) Tad Martin (brother; via adoption) Paul Martin (paternal uncle) Amy Parker (maternal aunt) Elizabeth Martin (paternal cousin; deceased) Jamie Martin (nephew; via adoption) Damon Miller (nephew, via adoption) Unnamed child (via adoption; ectopic pregnancy, aborted) Kate Martin (niece; via adoption; given up for adoption) Jenny Carey (niece; via adoption) Joshua Madden (paternal half-nephew; deceased)) Philip Charles Brent (paternal half-nephew / maternal half-nephew; via adoption) Kelsey Jefferson (paternal half-niece) Samuel Carlos Grey (paternal first half-great-nephew) Reneged on a promise not to have a role in Liza's daughter's life Roughed up David Hayward in the staff lounge at Pine Valley Hospital Trespassing; used David's keys to poke around his private cabin [Feb 13, 2002] Breaking and entering; broke into Wildwind to snoop through David's things [Jan 16, 2009] Broke into the medicine cabinet at Pine Valley Hospital and stole pills to frame David Hayward [Feb 5, 2009] Held David Hayward at gunpoint [Apr 17, 2009] Helped fake Amanda's baby's death [Jun 2009] Arrested for attacking David Hayward [Sep 1, 2009] Held David Hayward at gunpoint [Sep 3, 2009] Suspended from the hospital after attacking David [Nov 2009] Assault; attacked David Hayward [Jan 20, 2010] Conspired to have David Hayward kidnapped [Feb 16, 2010] Arrested for assaulting David Hayward [Jun 9, 2010] Joey was the late-in-life son of Ruth and Joe Martin.

Joey left Pine Valley in 1991, divorced Emily Ann, and went to Stanford University for pre-med and medical school.

Once Liza realized Jake was Tad's little brother, Joey, she broke off their affair and married Adam Chandler.As Liza and Jake began to become closer, Allie concocted a plan to become pregnant.She swore that she was using protection, but after an intimate encounter, Jake found Allie's diaphragm in the medicine cabinet. Jake feared that his child would be brought up under Adam's tyrannical reign and decided to sue for custody.Adam had married Liza to make Brooke jealous, but he wanted out of the marriage.Adam hired Jake as a production assistant at WRCW, hoping to catch his wife in flagrante so that he could divorce her and keep his money.In September, Selena Gomez revealed in a candid Instagram post that she had a kidney transplant due to her lupus and her best friend and fellow actress Francia Raisa donated a kidney to her.I’m very aware some of my fans had noticed I was laying low for part of the summer and questioning why I wasn’t promoting my new music, which I was extremely proud of.Emily Ann began to think that Jake had become romantically interested in Katie Kennicott and tried unsuccessfully to kill her.After losing her baby, Emily Ann was committed to a mental hospital.Dimitri Marick planned to undergo an experimental procedure which required the use of stem cells.Liza agreed to allow Colby's stem cells to be harvested but Adam objected vociferously--he knew that testing would show that he was Colby's biological daughter.

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