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You can support Sissy Kiss by letting them know you found Romantasy through Sissy Kiss.~ Christie Luv This is a favorite story of mine that I recently found on an archive sissy site, I just thought I would share it.the author is Mistress Chantelle but it is such a fun story and plays with some of my fantasies so enjoy The Training of Pinkpottiepants I had just returned to Canada after nearly six years in Europe and was scanning various adult publications to get a feel for what was happening in the fetish communities on this side of the ocean.Before I decided to do this professionally, I thought I had to hide the fact that I like to dominate others, so no one ever knew what I did to my boy friend when we were alone at home.A lot of my girl friends became jealous at how well behaved and attentive he was to me, not knowing about the the extensive disipline and training it had taken to make him that way.When my best friend came to me crying because she thought her husband was cheating on her, I decided I had to help her out, even if it meant revealing my secret life.

And it must be good enough every week to keep viewer ratings very high or risk cancellation.

She was amazed with the changes I made to her husband and was confident she would never have to worry about him again.

My decision to use forced diaper punishments taught him everything he needed to know about keeping it in his pants and when combined with strict panty training he quickly became a perfect little sissy maid at home.

I've traveled to many countries, teaching the various aspects of domestic and maternal discipline to men, women and even couples who had either come to me looking for my help, or had been sent to me for training.

I'm a dominant woman in my mid forties and although I had never planned to become a professional Dom, when the opportunities came along, I took them.

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