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If she’s from the Park or Society Hill, then hide the cheese in the cabinet above the oven, where she’ll never see it. Her parents won’t want her seeing a boy from the Terrace—people get stabbed in the Terrace—but she’s strong-headed and this time will get her way. Sometimes the girl won’t flow over at all and the next day in school she’ll say, Sorry, and smile, and you’ll believe her and be stupid enough to ask her out again. Don’t tell her that your moms knew right away what it was, that she recognized the smell from the year the United States invaded your island. While she’s in the bathroom, you might call one of your boys and say, Or sit back on the couch and smile.

If the girl’s from the Terrace, stack the boxes in the crisper. If she’s an outsider her father will bring her, maybe her mother. Sometimes she’ll run into her friends and a whole crowd will show up, and even though that means you ain’t getting shit it will be fun anyway and you’ll wish these people would come over more often. She will say that she needs easier directions to get out, and even though she already has the best directions on her lap, give her new ones. If the girl’s from the Terrace, none of this will happen. If the girl’s from around the way, take her to El Cibao for dinner. Amaze her if she’s black, let her correct you if she’s Latina. Tell her about the who stored cannisters of Army tear gas in his basement for years until one day they all cracked and the neighborhood got a dose of military-strength stuff. She has to live in the same neighborhood as you do. Think of her old lady coming to get her, and imagine what she would say if she knew that her daughter had just lain under you and blown your name into your ear.

It could be utilised as an alert system to parents to send them a push notification to say, ‘Your child has arrived at care and checked in safe and sound’.

Because there’s a bit of a tension point that parents don’t know whether the child has made it to care...

Dusseldorp told he’s on a mission to further digitise the organisation and optimise the customer journey in order to “smooth out the tension points” and make it a much more approachable care type.

Alongside this, safety is a core priority, which ultimately leads to better customer experiences for both children and parents thanks to its focus on transparency and clarity.

Run a hand through your hair like the white boys do, even though the only thing that runs easily through your hair is Africa. White girls are the ones you want most, aren’t they? She’ll take her gum out of her mouth, stick it to the plastic sofa covers, and then move close to you. Tell her that you love her hair, her skin, her lips, because, in truth, you love them more than you love your own. I don’t like anybody to touch my hair, she will say. In school, she is known for her attention-grabbing laugh, high and far-ranging like a gull’s, but here she will worry you. You’re the only kind of guy who asks me out, she will say. When her father pulls in and beeps, let her go without too much of a goodbye.

How do we digitise the reporting so you get better analytics, better insight into what’s happening at a service level for us to be able to then mobilise groups of people to be able to train, report and interact?

” Formerly marketing chief at Freedom Foods, Dusseldorp said already it’s been an interesting ride to go from an FMCG business to a uniquely Australian services business over the last six months. The Freedom Foods journey was three years, where I was really setting up the business with innovation-led growth.

Give one of your friends a shout and when he says, Still waiting on that bitch? If he sounds like a principal or a police chief, a dude with a big neck, someone who never has to watch his back, then hang up. And if his dogs haven’t cornered a cat, then he’ll be behind you, asking, Is that your new fuckbuddy? Howie weighs two hundred pounds and could eat you if he wanted. A homegirl would have been yelling back at him the whole time, unless she was shy. You are not good at talking to people you don’t know.

If she’s a halfie don’t be surprised that her mother is the white one. She’ll say, Hi, and you’ll see that you don’t scare her, not really. A local girl won’t need stories about the neighborhood, but the others might. Sip some of the Bermudez your father left in the cabinet, which nobody touches. A local girl will have hips and a nice ass but won’t be quick about letting you touch her. Or she might, if she’s reckless, give it up, but that’s rare. In the bathroom, she’ll hum a song from the radio and her waist will keep the beat against the lip of the sink.

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