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Trogir with his beaches, mediterranean climate and 2700 sunny hours a year is a real pearl amongst other tourist destinations of Croatia.

Enjoy magical night walk throught narrow streets of this town-museum...

Underground reservoirs are not miracle cure for water shortages in Arica, but it could represent an important part of long-term strategy for solving the growing water needs of this continent, whose population's growing.

It is estimated that at the moment more than 300 million Africans secured no access to safe drinking water, while only 5% of the arable land is irrigated.

The most exciting aspect of the Sahara Forest Project is not specifically the use of these technologies.Hier lies the beauty queen o the Adriatic beaches - Zlatni rat - a paradise for windsurfers and lovers of water sports.This elongated sandbank consisting of millions tiny grains of sand immerses into the blue open sea with its length of 634 metres...Illustration of greenhouses having a similar effect on the climate as a region of forest, yet Providing a net input of water vapor from the sea. The Seawater Greenhouse was designed to address the problem of irrigating crops in arid coastal regions by evaporating seawater and condensing it into fresh water.This helps to reverse the trend of desertification created by normal industrial greenhouses, Which can use up to five times the sea water to Irrig crops than the respective region's average annual rainfall.According to their estimates, the underground water reserves in the black continent is about 0.66 million cubic kilometers, which is 100 times more than the surface water in the area, although with an assessment of the researchers and a warning that among these water supplies there are some that are not accessible .When it came to those who did, the researchers argue that the extraction of small amounts of water through hand pumps were recommendable major project drilling and pumping, which would quickly empty the tanks, and they would have other unforeseen consequences.Apartments in Trogir Rogoznica, a village and harbour in the cove bearing the same name.Located on the peninsula, covered by a thick pinewood that comes down to the sea and long promenade is a real paradise for nature and sea lovers, while the close cities Sibenik and Trogir offers various possibility of trips along the coast...Can you imagine harnessing sufficient quantities of solar power to supply electricity to cities in Africa and cities in Europe?Can you imagine producing a sustainable bio-fuel that does not impact on world food supplies?

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