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Having the ability to roam the grounds…and everyone becoming fast friends really makes it like a camp.” We’ve definitely come a long way even since just last year…after all, we’re still a young convention and still figuring things out.

The new events really filled out our days and provided people with new ways to meet and get to know each other…because what better way to introduce yourself at a “Game of Thrones camp” than by “stabbing” a complete stranger with a plastic spoon?

------------------------------------------------------ ^ V0018 SNAG DISK 1/90 3 Button, For any of you that have a three-button mouse.

Dir Master V1.1, This is probably the fastest and most versatile disk cataloger available.

Mainly for young children ------------------------------------------------------ ^ V0014 PLAY AND READ (B) Flower garden, art package.

Mk Dir V1.2, This is another program to create drawer icon and new directory at the same time.

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