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The whole interview process took 4 weeks and countless hours of preparation and even arranging for childcare to ensure I would be uninterrupted. 3 weeks later, I receive a short email saying "we've chosen another candidate." The interview process is a huge waste of time but Shopify does not see it that way.They do not see you as a human being whose time is valuable to you and your family and do not respect your job search process.On the contrary, we’ve put a lot of thought and care into creating a process that includes people with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds.We’re dedicated to ensuring that our interview process is as accessible as possible because we know that diversity of thought makes for the best problem-solving and creative thinking.Unlike a lot off so called pick up artists out there, he does not sit at VIP tables in night clubs, buying women magnum bottles of champagne and then claiming he has so called skills.Ross can pick up women any where, he does not need to have a cool wing-man doing all the hard work for him, and he does not have the urge to treat women in a disrespectful manner in order to increase his level of value.Ross Jeffries is one of the most respected seduction GURUS in the pick up community.I have worked along side him in Los Angeles and in London, and find his material,techniques and skills to attract women to be effective and very interesting.

My advice, keep looking for an employer that will respect you and your time. While I don’t know the details of your particular case, I can assure you that our process is definitely not designed to ‘weed out' candidates on the Autism Spectrum.

our best efforts, sometimes people still fall through the cracks - sorry to hear that this seemed to happen to you.

If it’s any consolation, you should know that no one on our talent acquisition team gets any commissions or bonuses based on hires, what happened to you was likely just an honest mistake.

Those are just a few examples of the steps we’ve taken create a more inclusive hiring process but there’s a lot more to do - creating a recruitment process that works for everyone is no easy task! If there’s something that we can do to make our application and interview process more accessible to any individual candidate they only need to let us know!

Candidates should feel safe to mention any barriers they may be facing when they reach out to us, or discuss such things with the recruiter they are dealing with.

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