Intimidating names for gangs

While Galante relaxed on the patio in the back, a car pulled up to the front door.

During these heists, Burke would take the truck driver’s license as a way of saying, “I know where you live.” But Burke didn’t want the truck driver to feel too bad, so he’d also leave a bill in the guy’s wallet, earning him the nickname “Jimmy the Gent.” The Gent’s biggest claim to fame was the notorious Lufthansa heist, when he and a team of armed gangsters stole close to million from the American government.

Guzik went to prison with Capone on charges of income tax evasion in 1930.

Years later, he tried to distance himself from the mob and tried to present himself as a respectable businessman, but he could never escape the shadow of his Greasy Thumb persona.

They summoned a meeting straight out of and decided it was time for Galante to sleep with the fishes.

On July 12, 1979, the Cigar visited his favorite restaurant, Joe and Mary’s.

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