Intj and dating

In what sane universe would I tell you my income, assets, and how many kids I want to have before the first date - I believe in commitment but I don't hand out freebies you know? honesty is your best skill so use it as well(just don't reveal too much obv).

eharmony is what I was told from multiple females was 1)funny story 2)quirk 3)something you really care about in your description. All this projects "confidence" and a match will most probably go out with you.

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INTJ relationship problems, specifically, seem to stem from their undesirable personality traits.

" and one that says, "this is me doing this interesting thing, and oh, I have a nice shape." Based on past experience, I also generally avoid unusual colored hair, too much makeup, I'm wary of tattoos, and anything much beyond ear piercings. Which, in that case, the only danger a vamp faces is losing dignity as he or she giggles... I have had some success on okcupid - one relationship and I'm still using it.

There are probably exceptions to every rule, but these work well for me. ' probably really depends if you are a guy or a girl. Not searching by MBTI though, just someone who I feel is easy to talk to (as someone else mentioned, you will get plenty of horrible messages) and we seem to have enough in common.

I guess I can't be surprised by the results given that INTJs are such a small percentage of the population. In all of my online dating I try to avoid girls who post obnoxiously sexual poses, and anything but the most subtle of cleavage shots. Also, vampires have heightened senses and would be able to hear/see/smell the ninjas before they got too close, thus giving vamps the upper hand. But I think it is also important to point out that vampires can't be killed by normal means.

There is a big difference between a picture that clearly says "BEWBS! They could be stabbed a million times by puny ninja blades only to feel mildly inconvenienced, unless they happen to be ticklish.

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