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Feel free to ask me anything, hopefully /u/Slash5469 can chime in, too.

Korean Culture The Korean dating culture is far more conservative than the West. Some examples of this, and some other things I have noticed: Dating as a Foreigner First off, I want to get a disclaimer out of the way before I get into it.

You will just have to learn to enjoy playing the game for a little longer. Learning the language shows great respect and a desire to stay/thrive there. No relationship is easy or perfect..women will always woman..if you want a fucking honest shot at what sort of use to exist in the West I think op is on point.

Currently in China, and the dating culture here seems roughly the same, though there's a percentage of girls here that seem to ONLY want to date foreigners, as there are more foreigners here than in SK. Yes, yes, yes, Asian women are still resource trapping, jewelry wanting, fur coat donning demonesses..at least they are not meth addled dick monsters and on average can potentially be good mothers. I never thought I would be on the internet discussing how difficult it is to find a woman not composed of culture trash. I am learning the language, but admittedly it is one of the more difficult languages I have tried to learn, simply because it is so different than Latin based languages.

However, if you are tall, have frame/game and can tease her with the perfect mix of provider and alpha, you'll hook so many girls.

Families protect their women intensely (curfews, checking in constantly) and this makes it difficult to escalate quickly. If we/some of us at red pill desire to have a "decent" woman we have maybe the best opportunity in Asian cultures.

Even so, you can be fluent in Chinese, and she can be fluent in English, and you can still run into a language barrier, simply because she thinks primarily in Chinese, and you in English. I personally think they are more obsessed with themselves and their phones than Western girls, but that's just my opinion.

Regardless, dating and living here is an adventure, which is what my TRP journey is all about TBH I haven't read much outside of the normal "No More Mr.

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Apartment and utilities are covered through my employer, and I tutor English on the side for a little extra money which I can use to basically support myself. You are correct, these dudes on this sub take shit too seriously but I like it because ever so often you find that truth that was hiding in plain site. And I was totally planning on coming to SK maybe later this year, or early 2017. And same goes to you for Shanghai I read your post the other day about the girl that came out to S. It is somewhat like your situation: a pre-wall woman comes out to China, expecting it to be some sort of Eat-Pray-Love thing, and she ends up seriously disappointed.I have read a lot if fucking books about social theory, psychology, biology, sexual strategy..name it. Yeah, if she's attractive, or just studying abroad for a few months, then she will probably enjoy it.But my friend, nothing has spelled it out like this sub. But in this case, I'm talking about the Western girls that are just average, and in many cases....overweight.Friends are back home getting married (I'm 25, and a few of my friends have divorced already! This sub is straight brutal knowledge and I love it. I just haven't gotten around to starting it yet.), and I'm 8000 miles away, meeting lots of girls, making new friends, trying new things, and putting myself way out of my comfort zone just about every day. I'm from the states and it was never a good fit for me. Yes bro, keep doing you, get what you want, game those bitches in China and be happy. If you are ever in Korea hit me up and we will game life together. And yes, I totally agree that TRP is great to lay framework for your life and interacting with both the opposite sex and fellow men.Nice Guy", "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and a few others. I think a lot of people on here take the advice about picking up women to extremes at times, and "Models" offers a fresh approach to how to be an honest, likeable guy, while still maintaining your frame and having a backbone.Implementing his strategies has really helped in China, as it can sometimes be easy to offend girls if you're too cocky for no reason.The Bitter Fempat comes to China and sees men that are below her dating Chinese women that are more attractive than her.The Western guys she does want to date have no interest in her besides a one-night stand, because they can do way better in the Chinese market as well.I am a tall, white, blonde, blue eyed, in shape foreigner who drives a motorcycle.It should be obvious that I will out perform the man who came here from America because he couldn't get a date.

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