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Now, the star splits her time between America and Dubai, and has said that living out in the United Arab Emirates has allowed her to have more of a private life.Speaking on 'The Wendy Williams Show', she said: "I didn't really know how to have a private life, because I was so young. you can go out and have fun, but it's a different kind of fun that you have." Recently, Lindsay admitted she didn't believe "anyone" could be in a relationship with her at the moment, because of her nomadic lifestyle which sees her travel a lot. I don't think anyone could be in a relationship with me because I'm never there all the time." Lindsay also admitted she does wants to have a family of her own one day, but she is now "focusing on what I really feel I want to do right now and I think is important to me".Some people do have a long list exes but if you glance upon Lindsay’s list, you will come to understand what long is!She has had as many as 76 relations in her lifetime of thirty years but not a single one bore fruit (no pun intended)!are some of her works in which she has entertained her audiences.She has also done a few TV series- 2 Broke Girls, Anger Management, Eastbound & Down are some such stuffs.The ‘Mean Girls’ star was seen holding hands with the 39-year-old magician at Las Vegas nightclub Pure on Saturday before the pair left together at 5am. Onlookers claim the pair then went back to Lohan’s hotel suite.”Criss Angel is basically Harry Potter with eyeliner and too much jewelry, so it’s easy to imagine why he’d jump at the chance to hit this.

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She was a wild child doing justice to her red mane and had been reported for doing drugs.

She dated a few, she shared bed with some more, she got engaged twice and she was rumoured to be with a few more.

It is impossible to list all the people Lindsay hooked up with so, only some of them are introduced.

Nothing much is known about this man only that he and Lindsay started dating in December 2015 and then got engaged in April 2016 only to be separated in August 2016.

Probably, the most lasting relationship of Lindsay.

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