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I've just switched on Win Defender for now, while I uninstalled MB. For those with the business management console I changed our policy to disable website blocking and updated the database and changed it back to enabled website blocking and pushed an updated database command and it looks like it stopped it. So having a policy making changes to kill Malwarebytes at least made it so we only had to restart to fix a majority of our machines.

I'll wait till this is fully resolved before I consider a re-install. Glad my servers and workstation are not using it ... I’m not sure if the website blocking is just not working now because other users still report it is happening to them but I’ve pushed the update another two times and still no issues after. I posted this as a reply below but I'm reposting because I'm kind of panicking...

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Disabled all MBAM services, I deactivated my MB account, uninstalled, downloaded and re-installed, Installs, but locks up when I try to re-add my license key. Uses so much memory that everything else on the PCs (all PCs) won't run with Malwarebytes on it. Most likely because MB is blocking its own domain atm. Trying to use psexec with local admin creds is failing as well.Turned on my PC about an hour ago after coming back from shopping, and it's crapping out big time.Managed to get into task manager and I'm seeing Malwarebytes is using 10GB of RAM encounting. Not only that, as I was looking at it, I'm getting popup notifications about it, saying real time protection is not enabled (which it is? It disabled web protection, when I tried to enable it, it was hanging, and chrome became unresponsive.The virus issues are not always easy to combat if you do not have quality software for virus eradication at hand.Recommended and used by millions of people across the world, the malwarebytes software have every feature that is essential for managing spyware, ransomeware, and virus troubles on any kind of device.We are triaging this right now with all hands on deck.I will have an update shortly with root cause and will share with all of you as I get information.I didn't stick around to analyze that too much, all I know is I could ping some machines from some locations, and only authenticate with local admin creds. Today was a clusterfuck my information on the symptoms may be wrong.I had limited success with a GPO disabling the service.That doesn't fix the issue of having to go around to thousands of machines across multiple locations and log into every single computer to fix Malwarebytes.In many cases, the endpoint agents are able to reach the management console.

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