Matchcom date fraud allegations online dating

If you catch the charge right away and contact them you may be able to get the charge reversed but generally dating services have auto-renewals worked into the agreement you accept when initially subscribing.

You shouldn’t get much push-back from this process.

When you cancel your subscription you’ll still get to use the time you’ve subscribed for but the next time auto-renewals roll around you shouldn’t be renewed.

You’ll want to verify this is the case with the service you use but as far as I am aware there are no services that will deny you the time you’ve paid for when you unsubscribe. If you’ve been charged for an auto-renewal it may have a difficult if not impossible to get the charges reversed.

If you do get some push-back from the site, most often whoever signed you up will not have any of your personal information correct: name, location, sex, age and so on.

Use this as ammunition if you do find yourself fighting with the service to get the charges reversed.

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