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Ne se budeme zabvat podrobnostmi toho, jak jsou radiometrick datovac metody uvny, musme si zopakovat někter zkladn pojmy z chemie.

Check this out: Riddle, a former Microsoft trainer, spoke of the Miller experiment, which produced amino acids inside a test tube. Imagine, this key element to life prohibits any organic molecules from forming.It is not my intent to start an argument or debate; please save your hate mail for someone else. If this guy wants to argue evidence, then he should find sources that don’t lie about it. All the data point toward an old Earth, an old Universe.However, as some scientists are brassy enough to skip from theory to fact without all the evidence, it is only fair to make others aware that we do not have all the facts, and that additional exciting information is arriving in our generation — data so simple even a cave man can understand it. Yes, I am going to write all sorts of nonsense, long-debunked offal, and promulgate outright lies, but please, don’t bother replying. He claims it does, but his claim on how some of the odd features formed isn’t really any different than a model assuming the planets are old; in other words, his model doesn’t Years ago my science textbook had illustrations suggesting that our sun gave birth to the Earth and other planets, but this was not the apparent case in a section of the Orion nebula known as M22, where “orphan” planets exist, some orbiting each other without any nearby star.He either misread his textbook, or it was woefully wrong.It formed much closer in to the Earth, but there is no problem with it taking billions of years to get to its current distance. If Lisle really is an astrophysicist and he said this in a talk, he is either incompetent or a liar. One of Lisle’s associates calculated the amount of emissions given off by the various belts of Jupiter shortly before the Voyager probe visited it in the early ’80s. But his guess was that they were intermediate in strength between Earth’s and Saturn’s, which is a pretty safe bet given their masses.Typically, young Earth creationists take current values of things and extrapolate them billions of years into the past without considering that the values might have changed. The data returned was in sync with the thousands of years that the mathematics Ph. Also, while it’s true that the magnetic fields of those two planets are weird, Humphrey’s model (that God made the planets from water which was then transformed into various other substances) doesn’t predict any of the other odd features (like the tilt of the fields and that they are off-center).Kdy se vědcova interpretace dat neshoduje s jasnm vznamem textu Bible, neměli bychom nikdy zpochybňovat Bibli.Bůh prostě v, co chtěl řci, a Jeho chpn vědy je neomyln, zatmco nae pokulhv.Take bychom nikdy neměli povaovat za nutn modifikovat Jeho Slovo. Můe datovn uhlkem 14 pomoci rozřeit zhadu toho, kter světov nzor je přesněj? Uhlk 14 je větinou uvn k datovn kdysi ijcch organizmů (organickho materilu).Genesis 1 definuje dny stvořen jako dny doslovn (řadov čslovka se slovem den ve Starm Zkoně vdy znamen normln den, a frze večer a rno dle definuje dny jako dny doslovn). Sekulrn (evolučn) světov nzor interpretuje vesmr a svět jako miliardy let star. Nemůe bt vyuvn přmo k datovn hornin; avak můe bt uit ke stanoven časovho vymezen u některho anorganickho materilu jako třeba diamantů (diamanty obsahuj uhlk 14).

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