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In other words, they are a generally well-heeled market of ABC1s.

She notes that the Irish census data reveals that Irish women are marrying two years later than they did in the 1980s - which suits the offering of a dating service.

While analysts predict 19.4 per cent growth this year in the US market, that's a major drop from the three-digit growth some operators have enjoyed.

Layoffs have followed - let 30 employees go, and changed chief executives this year, while a major rival in the US,, made 90 people - 60 per cent of its workforce - redundant.

If you want to send or read messages you’ll have to upgrade." To read the full article, click here.With the youngest population in the EU, the Republic has 1.5 million 25- to 44-year-olds, she says, and, by their late 20s, people are beginning to tire of the pub and club dating scene and are ready to look for a serious partner.While the company doesn't yet have statistics on its Irish users, has 1.2 million users in the UK, mostly between 25 and 34; 80 per cent of them have a college degree, and 75 per cent have never been married.Then, memberships are structured to nudge subscribers towards a longer commitment at a lower cost.For example, charges €24.95 for a single month's subscription, but half that monthly if you commit to six months.In addition, income increasingly comes from add-on services such as text messaging (with, this can be done directly from one's PC, adding a small revenue stream for Esat BT), real-world singles events with paid admission or, in the case of, letting a subscriber pay extra to receive emails even from people who aren't subscribers.Nonetheless, though dating has been a solid market for several years - has been around since 1995 - internationally, it's less rosy now than before.Looking for a like-minded liberal Democrat in the US? For Esat BT's dating site, business has been excellent, says Mr Larry Taylor, web development manager at Esat BT.The site has 20,000 registered users and, between June and September, saw a 35 to 40 per cent growth in revenue, he says, with 50 to 100 users online every evening.Likwise, editor Ms Deirdre Veldon reports good membership numbers for the site's dating service: "The site has enjoyed huge success since it launched in February, with a membership of over 54,000 already, equally split between males and females.And we're not just talking about traffic volumes - from a financial point of view, our revenues have increased by over 80 per cent in the last six months." Ireland, while small, is attractive to a global site like because of its "unique demographic", says Ms Samantha Bedford,'s UK and Ireland manager.

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