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He does a circuit, he is super-fit and might go for a run and to the gym.

I invite you to leave any experiences using these tools as a comment below, or, if you are a software solution provider, let us know about your website!

They also offer a few unique ways to monetize the website like membership fees, listing fees, and more.

“Choose any niche of the digital world and this peer to peer lending software will assist you to create a revolutionary lending based fundraising website in days.” SIT has created a few software products that can be incorporated into a lending platform, including retail banking software, lending tools, debt collection, and investment functionality.

I’ll be covering how to actually build up the business in detail in a future post.

Rebuilding Society is a p2p lending platform that also has a sister company called White Label Crowdfunding, which makes it easy to set up a new p2p website.

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